Simple Layer Cakes!

Can be made “Last Minute”

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Dark Side

Dark Side

Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Birthday Cake -  Can request some color customization.

Birthday Cake - Can request some color customization.

Looking for More?

If you are wanting something more custom and have a short time line, check out our signature cakes! Some designs can be done on short notice!

These cakes start at: $50.00

Perfect for the impromptu celebration.  These are our best selling cakes & filling combinations iced in a buttercream and decorated to look scrumptious and irresistible!

Please order 1-2 days in advance.

**We can add a birthday message at your request :D

Choose one of three flavors:

The Dark Side: Devil's Food Cake, Filled with Chocolate Mousse & Chocolate Ganache, Iced in a Chocolate Buttercream

Raspberry Truffle: White Cake Marbled with Raspberry Cake, Filled with White Chocolate and Raspberry, Iced in Vanilla Buttercream

Birthday Cake: Our White Almond Cake Baked with Multi-colored Sprinkles, Filled with our Vanilla Buttercream. Decorated with White Chocolate Drips and Confetti Decorations.

The weekly/in-town delivery rate:             starts at $25