Cake Club: A sweet unique monthly treat!



Cake Sizes and Prices Start at

8" Cake, 2-layer (serves 14) OR one dozen cupcakes $35

8" cake three-layer cake (serves 14) OR 24 cupcakes          $50 per month

Need to serve more people? Custom sizes and discounts given for larger orders!  Call us and we'll talk! 

Celebrate birthdays and special occasions in style, with effortless ease. Each cake highlights the season of the year in theme and taste, offering a sampling of the many different flavors distinctive to The Midnight Sun Cakery. Your co-workers, friends and family will feel valued to receive a custom cake or cupcakes. The only decision you need to make is cake or cupcakes, we'll take care of the rest! One less thing to worry about each month, so you can get down to what's really important: celebrating!

* a six-month commitment is required in order to be a member of the Cake Club.

Does your office celebrate birthdays?

Subscribe with us, and we'll bring the party to you every month! When you join Cake Club, you'll receive:

  • The choice between a cake or cupcakes, in the flavor of the month.
  • A customized message, to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions
  • Delivery included, just pick Friday is best for you!
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Cake Flavors of the Month

January – White Velvet: Butter rich Vanilla Cupcake, Dipped in White Chocolate ganache & iced in buttercream and garnished with a "2017" frosted snowflake.

February – Chocolate Raspberry Velvet: Our light chocolate Red Velvet cake filled with fresh raspberry sauce, iced with Cream Cheese.  A staff favorite!

March – Baked in Oreo: Real Oreo baked in a devil’s food cake, iced with Oreo buttercream & Oreo chunks!

April – Chocolate Truffle: White Almond Cake baked with with ganache marbled inside, iced with chocolate mousse and then drizzled with more chocolate ganache!

May -  Mango Bliss: A Mango flavored cake (with actual mangos), iced with cream cheese and garnished with a raspberry reduction sauce.

June – Alaskan Chocolate Mousse: Rich Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Mousse and a milk chocolate antler

July – Raspberry Lemonade: Lemon cake with a fresh raspberry buttercream icing

August – Cherry Chip: A White Chiffon Cake with Cherry Flavored Chocolate Chips Baked in, Iced in Buttercream with Garnished with More Cherry Flavored Chocolate Chunks.

September – Maple Pecan:  A creamy maple flavored cake topped with maple icing and garnished with pecans & maple syrup.

October – Raspberry Cheesecake: Our White Cake Marbled with Raspberry, Iced with a Cheesecake Mousse and garnished with a Raspberry. 

November – Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Spice Cake, Iced with    Real Whipped Cream and garnished with Chunks of Cinnamon Pie Crust. (Owner's Favorite!)

December – Peppermint Bark: Rich Devil’s Food Cake with Peppermint flavored buttercream garnished with peppermint bark.